Restaurants in Whitefish, Montana

Dining Beyond Your Expectations
Award-winning cuisine. World-class wine selections. Great service.
Whitefish will sweep you away with a variety of dining every day! 

Whitefish is most certainly a small mountain town that exceeds your dining expectations. Gastronomical discoveries are found all over town, offering nearly every variety, style and fare. The restaurateurs of Whitefish are a very passionate group of people and fiercely independent. To them, good food and great wine lists their business, livelihood and creative expression. Each dining opportunity is a new experience to savor good tastes and unique environments.

Award-winning, world-class dining in a small mountain town means fresh local organic produce and meats. Seafood is flown fresh daily from the west coast. Many publications have called Whitefish the finest sushi restaurant in a mountain town - anywhere. 

Locally friendly restaurant competition has set a high standard for quality food and dining experience and Whitefish baristas challenge one another to friendly annual competition. Wine selections and wine lists have also become a point of pride. Enjoy the restaurants in Whitefish, Montana.